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Charismatic, asymmetrical, snappy, sporty, ingenious, hip and state of the art are the statements of the CMS C28. A design for all technophile car lovers to confirm their keen sense of attractive vehicle tuning.

As a year-round design in the "Racing Silver" version
or in the polished "Diamond Black" performance, the
CMS C28 puts small and medium-sized cars as well
as SUV vehicles in the foreground with a sense of


Top current and immediately avialable with approvals for:
id.3 and Golf VIII
in 7,5x19 ET48 and 7,5x19 ET50

Both color versions are available in:

7,0 x 17 –> LK 5/100, 5/108, 5/112, 5/114
7,5 x 18 –> LK 5/100, 5/108, 5/112, 5/114
7,5 x 19 –> LK 5/100, 5/108, 5/112, 5/114


Since its debut in spring 2020, the sporty newcomer for small and medium-sized cars - CMS C30, has achieved sensational success and gained a significant role in the current range of CMS wheels.
Spokes with clear lines play with dynamic style elements - spoke ends like curved blades give the wheel energy and the vehicle temperament!
Particularly in winter, the color versions Racing Silver or Black Gloss keep you on a safe track.


CMS C30 is avialable in the following sizes and applications:

6,5x16 –> LK 5/100, 5/108, 5/110, 5/112, 5/114
7,0x17 –> LK 5/100, 5/108, 5/110, 5/112, 5/114
8,0x18 –> LK 5/100, 5/108, 5/112, 5/114

CMS winter wheels

For the coming winter season, CMS presents an attractive range of winter wheels.
Well prepared in terms of availability, sizes, applications and color variants is it our goal to meet every customer request. CMS guarantees its customers safe driving fun in a sporty refined car, even in winter.

Design your car, using the CMS configurator on this website or give us a call at. +49 6227 3 58 38 0.

CMS Winterräder

E-mobility in focus

Tesla Model3 with CMS C29 in 8.5x20
Tesla is considered by everyone to be a pioneer when it comes to e-mobility.

Almost all car manufacturers now produce electric cars in various classes and categories. In order to be optimally equipped for these cars, CMS has focused on the topic of electric and hybrid vehicles.
The designs from the current CMS wheel range are particularly suitable for these cars, which are often equipped with a slightly heavier axle load, as wheels from CMS generally guarantee high loads.

E-mobility in focus

Approvals for Tesla, Audi e-tron, B-Class Electric Drive and many others are already available. Please take a look at our configurator. Soon you will find a list of all approvals for downloading.

new Look

From now on the C23 presents itself in a new black front polished look. A high-gloss black lacquer, combined with partially polished spokes, characterizes the wheel in a new way and makes the design highlights really stand out.
The C23 captivates with an attractive look and testifies to what is currently in vogue in the wheel market.

For further information, visit our homepage: www.cms-wheels or click on our configurator and design your vehicle according to your taste.

Pure design harmony

C25 the double award-winning cross spoke wheel in terms of design and quality.
The awards " German Design Award" and
"Automotive Brand Contest" confirm the harmony,
the C25 makes cars shine from the crowd.

Does it look sporty, elegant or aggressive with its
thin spokes? In any case, with C25 you are
confidently on the current course.

glamorous appearance

Refined lines and powerful charisma make the C20 stand out from the mass of alloy wheels and give it a glamorous appearance - especially for cars of the SUV class!
In both available color variants, diamond black matt and grey gloss, the CMS-C20 combines taste and trends and gives the car a precious look.

CMS C25 Gold –
Elegant and Provocative

C25 Gold - Trend wheel with statement character!
Elegant for a woman and provocative on a man´s car, definately sporty and in any case an eye-catcher with memory factor people talk about.

Available in the following applications:
7,0x17“ LK 4x100 / 5x100 / 5x112 / 5x114
7,5x18“ LK 5x108 / 5x112 / 5x114
8,0x19“ LK 5x108 / 5x112 / 5x114


The days are getting longer again, everyone is happy about warming sun rays. Let´s open together the season!
This spring, CMS will conquer the after market with three new designs:

In this wheel, everyone recognizes something different. Is it five double spokes, five V-spokes or is it just ten spokes that impress with their unique shape?



Narrow double spokes whose edgy appearance gets lost on the soft, flowing spoke estuary towards the wheel hub



C30 - ECE
A puristic design! Spokes with clear lines play with dynamic style elements. A highlight in the currently sporty aggressive wheel trend.

for AUDI Q8/SQ8

You are looking for wheels for an Audi Q8 / SQ8?

With the design C12 in 9.0 x 20" or 10 x 22" CMS offers the perfect winter wheel for the AUDI Q8 / SQ8.

You get a powerful design in black front polished as well as in matt black painted version in full winter quality including snow chain release for color matt black.

CMS for

A higher, more comfortable sitting position for a better overview, a safer ride and compact loading are probably the most common reasons why more and more drivers decide for an SUV.
In addition to the Mini-SUVs as a second car, the registration figures for compact and Mid-size SUVs are also increasing. This increases the requirements and demands on the corresponding alloy wheels in terms of quality and design.

CMS for

CMS faces the challenge and develops wheels that are sporty despite their high load capacity. The range for Compact- and Mid-Size SUVs ranges from 16" to 22".
Look for your desired car in our CMS configurator or call us: 06227 / 358 38-0. We advise you gladly and inform you recently regarding approvals and supplements for new vehicles.

ECE wheels

Due to European guidelines of the Economic Commission for Europe ECE R124 the European wheel market demands more and more for wheels with ECE standard.

ECE wheels exactly comply with the technical dimensions of the original wheel from the OE manufacturer, which is already registered in the vehicle documents. The wheels are marked externally with the ECE symbol and the ECE approval number. This represents a considerable relief for the vehicle owner, because there is no need to carry any documents.

In the download area you can find a list with the corresponding approvals.

Trendy and sporty

Our CMS C18 wheel in black gloss stands for the currently young time spirit, to which one likes to join, especially in springtime.
Due to it´s trendy shape it gives the car a sporty and fashionable appearance.

Design List
Design List
Design List
Design List
Design List
C12-CS, 15
C12-DMB, 15
C12-MB, 15
Design List
Design List
Design List
About CMS

About CMS

With 10 million wheels a year and more than 30 years of experience in the original equipment business as well as in the after sales market, CMS took a leading position in the European market for alloy-wheels.

Beside high quality standards and reliable delivery, CMS especially vouches for trust an energy of innovation. That is the reason for many lasting partnerships with industry and after sales market. Mercedes, Audi, Porsche and AMG, Lancia Skoda, VW, BMW and Mini as well as many other customers rely on CMS to disseminate their trust in CMS wheels to their customers.

About CMS

At CMS all wheels are designed, developed, cast, mechanical processed, varnished an packed for delivery under one roof. Since 1955, all tools and production processes are developed by the company itself.

About CMS

Due to the own design department of CMS and the close cooperation with the car industry, the wheels of CMS always hit the spirit of the time and highlight trends.


Since 1997 alloy-wheels of CMS brand are sold in whole Europe. In reliable quality as original equipment and for the after sales market, as well as in sport-tuning range and car-refinement.

About CMS

Since its founding in 1955, essential brand values have shaped the history and development of CMS: permanent OEM quality, innovative spirit and the highest level of competence for the ever-growing automotive performance. As a result of this consistent approach, in addition to the OEM status of the world's leading vehicle manufacturers, more than 4000 employees work at three internationally active production plants that design, cast, test and refine more than 10 million alloy wheels per year.

At CMS, continuity is based on 100 percent reliability, eco-friendly manufacturing processes, long product lifespans and traditional responsibility towards customers, partners and all CMS employees. Find out more about the unique success story of CMS at

CMS Automotive Trading GmbH
SAP-Allee 2, Gewerbepark
D-68789 St. Leon-Rot
Tel.: +49 6227 35838-0
Fax: +49 6227 35838-33

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CMS is one of Europe´s leading player of alloy wheels manufacturer.
More than 30 years of experience, innovation energy, high quality standarts an the parctice of CMS own values
are attributes of CMS and the base for many lasting partnerships with alfter sales and industrie.
If you want to contribute to the success of CMS, please send your full application documents with
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CMS Automotive Trading GmbH
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8. Right to object
If your personal data is processed on the basis of legitimate interests pursuant to Art. 6 (1) sent. 1, lit. f) GDPR, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data according to Art. 21 GDPR, provided that there are reasons resulting from your personal situation or insofar as the objection is aimed against direct marketing. In case of the latter, you have a general right to object, which we will adhere to without specification of a particular situation.

If you would like to exercise your right of revocation or objection, it is sufficient to send an email to

9. Data security
During the website visit, we use the common SSL procedure (Secure Socket Layer) in combination with the respectively highest encryption level that is supported by your browser. This is usually a 256-bit encryption. If your browser does not support a 256-bit encryption, we will instead use 128-bit v3 technology. You can tell whether any particular page of our internet appearance is transmitted with encryption by the key or closed lock symbol displayed in the lower status bar of your browser.

We additionally use suitable technical and organisational security measures to protect your data against accidental or intentional manipulation, partial or complete loss, destruction or access by unauthorised persons. Our security measures are being continuously improved according to technological progress.

10. Currentness and change of this Data Privacy Policy
This Data Privacy Policy is currently valid in the status of May 2018.