Light Alloy Wheels

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Sizes 6,5x16; 7,5x17
Whole application 5 x 112
Wheel load max. load 730 kg
Specials Approvals for Audi, Mercedes, Seat, Skoda, VW
Add. Information ECE-wheel, fully suitable for winter use
The first CMS-Design with ECE R-124 approval!

Due to European guidelines of the “Economic Commission for Europe”, ECE R124, the European wheel market demands more and more for wheels with ECE standard. ECE wheels are based on the technical dimensions of the original wheel, which are already registered in the vehicle documents including an additional surface test. The wheels are visibly marked with the ECE symbol and the ECE approval number. Throughout Europe there is no fee-based acceptance and no documentation required. This means: mount, go, and enjoy driving pleasure.